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Using the Plausible Boostrapper

Why self-host Plausible Analytics?

Plausible stands out as an excellent option for those who prioritize performance, privacy, and simplicity—qualities often lacking in extensive platforms like Google Analytics. Hosting it yourself not only enhances control over your data and its utilization but can also be a cost-effective choice for the budget-conscious.

Are you affiliated at all with Plausible?

Not at all. I’m just a big fan of their product and the “self-host” model overall.

Will this take care of back-ups?

No. It’s currently only concerned with standing up a running instance of Plausible. To configure backups, consider using the backup feature provided by your virtual machine provider, or rolling your own.

What platforms will this work on?

It’s intended for any fresh Ubuntu machine. DigitalOcean and Linode have been tested, but it should work just fine on other platforms as well (AWS, Azure, etc.). If you run into issues on any of these, let me know. I’d love to continue to make it more flexible in the future.

What if I regret my purchase?

Just let me know. I’ll refund you.

Will this wire Plausible up to my website?

No. In order to start collecting traffic data, you’ll need to install the script on your site, using the domain you’ve configured your instance on.

What all do I need to run this thing?

You’ll need access to a Ubunutu virtual machine, and a domain that’s pointing to your virtual machine’s IP address. Read on all of that in the Getting Started section.

How many times can I use this script?

If it’s just for yourself (or your personal projects), feel free to run it as often as you like. If you’re setting up self-hosted analytics for individual paying clients, however, I ask that you make another purchase for each client. See the Terms of Use for more information.

How up-to-date is this?

I do my best to ensure the script is tested with each new minor or major release of Plausible. But if you do run into issues, let me know and you’ll get an instant refund. This tool is intended to eliminate the friction in self-hosting Plausible. If it doesn’t, I’ve failed and we’re gonna make it right.